PSA provides comprehensive land surveying services specializing in topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and construction surveys. We offer an experienced, technically advanced, and highly trained staff of professionals who are experts in performing a variety of land surveying services for federal, state and local government agencies as well as private sector clients that provide residential, commercial, retail and industrial developments.

PSA’s team of professional land surveyors, survey technicians, and field personnel provide a full range of surveying services. From field work to finished plats, our automated process utilizes electronic total stations, electronic data collection, robotics, Global Positioning Systems, and the latest CAD software. We have earned an excellent reputation for providing clients with highly accurate surveys with an attention to detail, schedule and budgets. Our surveys are based on a tradition of reliability and professionalism that allows us to accomplish all tasks in a highly efficient and accurate manner while providing clients with an immediate response to work requests.

PSA land survey services include: Boundary Surveys; Topographic Surveys; Legal Descriptions; Profile Surveys; Control Surveys; Route/Right-of-Way; Construction Stakeout; Building Location Surveys; ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys; Utility Surveys; Bathymetric Surveys; Wetland Locations; Site Planning Surveys; GIS/GPS Technology; Subdivision Surveys; Exhibit Plats; As-built Surveys; Record Plats; and Easement Plats.