Land Planning

Paciulli, Simmons & Associates offers land planning services assisting developers, architects, builders, attorneys, and property owners with feasibility studies, rezonings, special permits, master planning, community outreach, and sustainable site design. We are experts in jurisdictional comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, and other land use regulations.

Using sound principles and innovative approaches, our land planning specialists work to successfully navigate land use regulations and processes to ensure our client’s vision is carried out through project completion. We work to identify the challenges a site may bring and develop solutions that will enable us to provide an efficient, functional, and successful project.

Paciulli takes great pride in our solid reputation for producing quality work that achieves our client’s goals and vision, while optimizing land use and promoting sustainability.

PSA land planning services include: Concept Layouts; Feasibility Studies; Grading Studies; Preliminary Development Plans; Rezoning; Special Exception; Public Outreach; Parking Studies; Zoning Compliance Reviews; Special Permits; Master Plans; and Advocacy and Policy Monitoring.